February 2012

The Best Things from the Past Live On

this book does, thanks to Frederick Kohner

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be a teenager in Southern California in the late 1950s?  Before the movie, before the television show, Frederick Kohner brought Gidget to the American public in his novel of the same name.  Based on the adventures of his own daughter, Gidget was only one of Frederick Kohner's many novels.  A petite brunette, fifteen-year-old Kathy Kohner became involved in the surf culture of Malibu, living a life Gidget fans have dreamed of living for generations.

Today's Writers Have a Better Chance at Publication

many of the most famous writers in the past encountered difficulties

Anyone who has read biographies or autobiographies of their favorite writers know getting published was not an easy process.  Many of the most famous writers in the past were turned down, time and time again, before their books were accepted for publication.  Even the most talented writers found luck played an important role in getting their books to the public.  It was that difficult to break into traditional publishing houses;  and that fact remains the same today.