January 2012

My Heroes Have Always Been... Writers

everyone has their own reasons for choosing their favorites

Everyone who really knows me--  which, in fact, is very few people--  is aware that I have been a die-hard Capote fan for decades.  So much a fan, in fact, that I named one of my children for one of his most famous novels.  I have always found his fiction to be fascinating, and his nonfiction to be even better.  While In Cold Blood is nothing short of a literary masterpiece, it was Capote's fiction that I'd found first. 

For Great Writing, Kerouac Had it Covered

"Tristessa": a Kerouac masterpiece

I am not generally a fan of fiction.  When a work of fiction captures and holds my interest, it is likely to consist of two factors:  a good writing style, and at least some degree of autobiography.  While most of Jack Kerouac's material meets and exceeds these expectations, he really has it covered in "Tristessa."  This 96-page novel,


http://www.amazon.com/Tristessa-Jack-Kerouac/dp/0070342393/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1325957779&sr=8-3, published in 1960, tells the story of Kerouac's infatuation with a beautiful woman he'd met when he was living in Mexico.