Today's Writers Have a Better Chance at Publication

Today's Writers Have a Better Chance at Publication

many of the most famous writers in the past encountered difficulties

Anyone who has read biographies or autobiographies of their favorite writers know getting published was not an easy process.  Many of the most famous writers in the past were turned down, time and time again, before their books were accepted for publication.  Even the most talented writers found luck played an important role in getting their books to the public.  It was that difficult to break into traditional publishing houses;  and that fact remains the same today.


Today's writers do not need to put large amounts of time and work into dealing with traditional publishers.  It is also not necessary to secure the services of an agent.  There are two other options that make turning manuscripts into books much easier.


One option is self-publishing.  Also referred to as print-on-demand, the companies produce books individually as they are ordered.  All the writer needs to do is publish his or her book through the particular company's website.  While a company may offer services such as editing, cover design, or other assistance, these services are not required.  Whether a writer wants to publish standard print books or ebooks, he has these choices.  There is no cost to the writer for a print-on-demand service;  and some companies offer a variety of distribution services without cost.


A second option is a vanity press.  Vanity presses have been around for decades.  In the past, the way vanity presses worked was they charged writers a fee for printing a specific number of books, and, upon receiving the books, the writer had to distribute them himself.  Today, there are companies that include distribution in the initial cost. 


Anyone who is considering a book should think about his or her options.  Unlike in the distant past, talent does not need to be wasted simply because one cannot find a traditional publishing house to read a manuscript.  Getting published no longer depends on luck.  Today, anyone who wishes to see a manuscript in print has a chance.