June Gader's "L.A. LIVE"

June Gader's "L.A. LIVE"

You will love this book

Whether you live in California, lived there in the past, have visited at some point in time, or dream of going to the Golden State, you will love June Gader's "L.A. LIVE"L.A. Live is a relatively-unknown treasure, written by Los Angeles native June Gader. 

Everything you love--  or want to know--  about Southern California is in this book.  After the personal introduction by Mrs. Gader, you will find fourteen chapters, including:  Kathy, the Queen of Disneyland;  Lookin' Good in Beverly Hills;  How to Escape the Valley;  East Los Angeles:  Portraits and Placas;  The Genuine All-American Southern California Boy;  In Old Pasadena;  and many more.  Each of the chapters lets the reader in on the people and sections of the greater Los Angeles area.


Whether you are familiar with Los Angeles or not, you will come away from L.A. Live finding the entire region as fascinating as those of us who have lived there at various points in time.  You will find L.A. has plenty to offer to everyone;  and while there is much more to L.A. than surfers, starlets, "Vals," and barrios, they are there, too.  Whether you are looking for good reading, insight into one of the most exciting parts of the United States, or a sense of connection to a place you miss, L.A. Live is for you.  It definitely ranks amongst my own favorite books. 


You can order a copy from Amazon.  L.A. Live is only available in hardcover.